Label 3: 1520 Apian

Note the similarity to the cordiform map that appears in Sylvanus’s 1511 map in this exhibit, which in turn reflects the influence of Ptolemy.  Notable on this map is the word "America", which Goff mentions as being inspired by the Waldseemuller map, presumably the same one later acquired by the Library of Congress.

C. Julius Solinus (3rd cent.?), Joannes Camers (1447-1546), and Peter Apian (1495-1552).
Ioannis Camertis Minoritani, artivm, et sacrae theologiae doctoris, in. C. Ivlii Solini [Polyhistora] enarrationes. Additus eiusdem Camertis index, tum literarum ordine, tum rerum notabiliũ copia percõmodus studiosis. Cum gratia, & priuilegio imperiali.
Viennaæ Austriæ: Per Ioannẽ Singreniũ, impensis honesti Lvcae Alantse, ciuis, & bibliopolæ Viennensis, 1520.

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