James Ward Packard Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory


This laboratory was built in 1929 with the funds provided by Lehigh alumnus, James Ward Packard. He graduated from Lehigh in 1884 with a mechanical engineering degree. While he attended Lehigh, Packard was fascinated with all things electrical, and invented many clever lamps and alarm systems. Upon graduation he and his brother started manufacturing incandescent carbon arc lamps. By 1898 they had built the first Packard car, the “Ohio Model A” which is on display in the building lobby. Their company, the Packard Electric Company, made automotive electric systems. It was purchased by General Motors in 1932. The Packard Automobile Company was purchased by Studebaker and the last Packard automobile was manufactured in 1958. The building houses mechanical engineering and mechanics, electrical and computer engineering and computer science laboratories. It is headquarters for the College of Engineering and Applied Science.


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James Ward Packard Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Laboratory