Bethlehem’s North Side

The urbanized north side of Bethlehem fascinated D.C.M. His street scenes preserve Main Street and Broad Street more than one hundred years ago with amazing clarity. He documented the first Broad Street Bridge at a moment when pedestrians, a horse & buggy, and an automobile were crossing it. He even photographed the replacement (the current) Broad Street Bridge when it was under construction in 1909. His postcard of an Easter 1908 sunrise service in the Moravian God’s Acre on Market Street is one of his most well-known photographs. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_026.jpg

Bethlehem, Pa. from the West. D.C.M. Velox. 1907. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_028.jpg

Main Street. Bethlehem, Pa. By D.C.M. Velox. 1907. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_025.jpg

Broad Street Entrance to West Side Bethlehem, Pa. 1907 By D.C.M. Velox. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_022.jpg

Broad Street Bridge Under Construction. Bethlehem, Pa. D.C.M. Velox. 1909. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_030.jpg

Broad St. Bridge. Bethlehem, Pa. By D.C.M. Velox. 1907. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_027.jpg

American Hotel. Bethlehem, Pa. 1908. By D.C.M. Velox. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_023.jpg

Refectory - Moravian Theological Seminary. Bethlehem, Pa. Velox. 1907. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_029.jpg

Easter Morning 1908. Moravian Cemetery. Bethlehem, Pa. By I.T.R and D.C.M. Velox. Gordon/Gordon-Postcards_024.jpg

Moravian Cemetery. Bethlehem, Pa. D.C.M. Velox.