Key West Stereographs

Photographs Depicting Key West, Florida, Where Miles Rock worked with the U.S. Hydrographic Office.

Unknown Photographer, “Key West - Naval 
` Monument and Hydrographic Office Observatory,” 
[photograph] Nov. 1875. 

Unknown Photographer, “Key West - U.S.S. Gettysburg, [photograph] Nov. 1875.

Unknown Photographer, “III. Key West. - Front of Naval Depot,” [photograph] Nov. 1875.

Unknown Photographer, “IV. Key West Telegraph Office,” [photograph] Nov. 1875.

Photograph Depicting the Building Where Miles Rock Lived During his Work with the U.S. Hydrographic Office in Key West, Florida.

Unknown Photographer, “V. Key West: Mrs. Whitehurst’s House, and the Catholic Church” [photograph] Nov. 1875.