Amy Rock Ransome Finca Sale Correspondence

Letter Draft in which Amy Cordoba Ransome Refers to her Father’s Original Purchase of the Setzimaj Plantation.

Amy Cordoba Ransome (1872-1842), [letter draft] 1925-1926, [to] Kensett Champney & Co.

Letter from Setzimaj Owner Amy Cordoba Ransome to Kensett Champney in which she Reflects on her Long-held Wish to Live and Work on the Plantation in Guatemala, 1926. 

Amy Cordoba Ransome (1872-1942), [letter] 1926, Oct. 29, [to] Kensett Champney (1854-1939), Senahú, Guatemala.

Letter of Kensett Champney Referring to Final Sale of Setzimaj, 1926.

Kensett Champney & Co. [letter] 1926, Sept. 6, [to] Canal Bank & Trust Co., New Orleans, LA.

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▷Amy Rock Ransome Finca Sale Correspondence