Hurricane Sandy


After Hurricane Sandy toppled some of Lehigh’s  200-300 year old trees, Lehigh staff member Brian Slocum worked with students to salvage  the wood and recycle it into tables and desks. The furniture can be found in these locations:

  • in rooms 450/451 of Williams Hall conference room  
  • in President Simon's office, 150th commemorative coffee table and a conference table
  • a new reception desk for Alumni Memorial

Read below for details about how Lehigh students planned and executed the creation of this beautiful furniture. 

News articles

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Students, faculty team up to design new wood table for President John SimonBrown and White, September 28, 2015. 

Lehigh University employees make custom furniture from felled Superstorm Sandy trees, Lehigh Valley Live, August 2015. 

Students build admissions desk from trees downed by Hurricane Sandy, Lehigh Bulletin, Spring, 2017.