-Ptolemy World Map


Ptolemy of Alexandria, a 2nd century Greek geographer, astronomer, and mathematician, created a grid system that designated coordinates to places throughout the known world. His concepts were based on earlier geographers, including Hipparchus of Nicaea (c.190-120 BCE), who first specified location using latitude and longitude, and Eratosthenes of Cyrene (c. 276-194 BCE), who first applied latitude and longitude to a map of the world. However, it was Ptolemy’s map grid that influenced medieval cartography in mathematically calculating and visually depicting coordinates of latitude and longitude in relation to global locations.

Ptolemy (active 2nd century).
Claudii Ptholemaei Alexandrini liber geographiae cum tabulis et universali figura et cum additione locorum quae a recentioribus reperta sunt diligenti cura emendatus et impressus. [Venice: Iacobum Pentium de leucho, 1511].

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