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[Letter] April 25, Kent [to] Dear and Honored Sir / Ch[arles]. Darwin.


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great [undecipherable] to need ch. I and the M. Sweizenbark whom you think. If I do me deceive myself the two last chapter VI and VII on a good deed the best is the [undecipherable] the hope the you with do this I will lead in about a week, the first half of the [undecipherable] in sheets. There are 35 word cuts. Will [undecipherable] to electricity whiles, I had had some little difficulty. M. Murray, who [undecipherable] at his own risk, demanded [undecipherable] and jail he thought M. Schweizenbark upon to pay a little sum then the men cort of the copies. M. Murray, however, at last aspired: I said it copies an average work cook 5 cents each;